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I · wish · you · would · love · me.

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Are you ready to be loved
like flowers love the rain?
Can you handle the pleasure,
absolutely no pain?
Will you see me forever
as the woman of your dreams?
And love me forever;
play for the same team?

I already know what you are thinkin'
True love shows; it cannot be fakin'.
So show me you love me
in all that you do.
Wake me from dreamin'
and tell me it's true.
One man in my heart
and you know it's you.
Current Music:
Back At One~Brian McKnight
* * *
To fall in love
is to give your heart away.
To focus each breath, each move, each word
on what they?re next to say.
If goodbye means forever
and love is supposed to last that long,
Then assure me that it's all okay,
and I really did nothing wrong.
'Cause I sit here all alone,
my face wet with tears;
Instead of making my dreams come true,
you uncovered my greatest fears.
The man I fell in love with,
whose very thoughts make me sigh,
Is the one who broke my heart,
the one reason that I cry.
* * *
You don't look at me...
The way you look at her.
It is as if you see right through me...
Your eyes seem to blur.
I know you may have tried your hardest...
To get her out of your mind.
But when you look deep inside your heart...
It’s not me...
It’s her you find.
You may think you care for me...
But it is just an image in your mind.
It is like a whisper in the wind...
It fades away with time.

Let me go.
Let me quietly walk away.
Let me leave...
With little to say.
You will forget me in a few heartbeats’ time...
Just let me walk away with a little pride.
Your love isn't with me...
It’s with her.
Let me go.

I admit...
You had me fooled.
That I was the only one...
Who was to be with you?
But when deep inside your heart...
You know...
You just can't seem to let her go.
Don't fool yourself in thinking...
There is an easy way out.
Love is like no other...
Doubting in your heart is not allowed.

Let me go.
Let me quietly walk away.
Let me leave...
With little to say.
You will forget me in a few heartbeats’ time...
Just let me walk away with a little pride.
Your love isn't with me...
Its with her...
Let me go.

Just take a little piece of me...
And carry it in your heart.
Whenever you feel pain and sorrow...
This way we can never be apart.
You can't love me...
Like you say you want to.
When the person I care for so much...
Is hiding inside of you.
I will be all right...
Just be on your way.
Just don't forget...
The happy memories of yesterday.

I'll let you go...
Please quietly walk away.
I'll let you leave...
With little to say.
You will forget me in a few heartbeats’ time...
I will let you walk away with your pride.
Your love isn't with me...
Its with her...
I'll let you go...
Let me go.
* * *
You run through my mind
A million times a day.
I can’t believe I was left behind
How I never got the chance to say,
“Baby, I promise to ever hurt you
Or ever make you cry.
I don’t know what I would do
If you ever said good-bye.”
But the next day you told me
That forever had come to an end.
But cants you just see
That I don’t want to be “just a friend?”
Why did you do that to us?
Why hurt me so much?
Was the whole thing just lust?
Why do I miss your touch?
I promise I am not okay.
I swear I want to die.
I remember that whole day
And I begin to cry.
No guy has brought me tears
Or made me just not care.
But with you I had fears,
And feelings I THOUGHT we shared.
Current Mood:
crushed crushed
Current Music:
Hero ~ Mariah Carey
* * *
You promised us forever,
But that was all a lie.
The day you left,
I just sat and cried.
I cried out of sadness,
I cried out of hate.
You want to come back
But now it is too late
You are long gone
A piece of my past
All because of your lie
Forever did not last
You always lied
You always cheated
You are such a hypocrite
And are so conceited
I was your baby girl
The one that you “adore”
You said you’d come back
Bit I won’t wait anymore
Mommy is happy now
And I am too.
Do you want to know why?
It is because we are not with you.
But now I have a new daddy
He is part of my great world
And I am his one and only
Little Baby Girl.
Current Mood:
crushed crushed
Current Music:
Hero ~ Mariah Carey
* * *
* * *
Look in the mirror, who do I see?
I'd rather see anybody but me.
Shame, regrets, doubts, and fear
Little things he whispered in my ear.
I pray at night for him to set me free.
Why can't I be who I want to be?
Dry your tear, don't let him see you cry.
His stares can make you want to die.
Put on a happy face, no one will know.
But inside there is no where to go.
And still another night full of misery.
I know this cannot be my true destiny.
Look in the mirror, who do I see?
I'd rather see anybody but me.

This how i feel each day looking in the mirror.

Current Mood:
exhausted exhausted
Current Music:
Can't Hold Us Down~Christina Aguilera
* * *
Well not to much is happenin in this little town. But down in Florida...my cousin is going to be having her baby soon! I cannot wait to see....my cousin is pretty so the baby will be sooo cute! lol! I have homecoming THIS friday....I hope that i get asked by then...i hate going to dances solo! i asked a guy but he said no and it made me soooo mad. oh well. We have famous person day on Thursday and I cannot think of anyone to be. everyone says that i look like hilary duff.
* * *
The guy I love just likes me...but hey, that's enough for me. I am not used to this though. It's different with him. I think of him all the time and the thought of me leaving for a prep school and not seein him everyday...i just don't want to think about it. He makes me smile even when I just want to hide away and cry. I just hope that one day....maybe.....he'll love me back.

I was sitting here thinking
of the words I want to say,
but they just wouldn't come out right-
so I found a different way.

I got a piece of paper
and I wrote this poem for you,
but there's no way to thank you
for everything you do.

For always being nice to me
and staying by my side,
for helping fix my problems
and never leaving me behind.

For accepting my thoughts and feelings,
though you do not understand,
for never giving up on me
and being my best friend.

For making me laugh-
and letting me cry
and saying you'd miss me
if I were to die.

Everything you mean to me
you could never know.
In all the ways you've changed my life
I could never show.

The way you take care of me,
(you're my shining star)
and though it's so incredible
that's just the way you are.

Before I get too mushy
it's time for me to go,
but before I leave this ink-filled page
there's one thing you should know.

As long as we are living,
no matter when or where,
if you ever need me-
just call and I'll be there.

I'll climb a thousand mountains
and swim a thousand seas...
anything to be there
'cause you've been there for me.
Current Mood:
pensive pensive
Current Music:
smooth criminal~alien ant farm
* * *

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Current Mood:
curious curious
Current Music:
the worst day ever~simple plan
* * *
Cry me a river of blood.
Then tell me this much
Is this love or is it lust?
Cry my a river of blood.

Cry me a river of fear.
To let me know you are here
Let me see all your tears.
Cry me a river of fear.

Cry me a river of pain.
You'll never be the same
You fell you're going insane.
Cry me a river of pain.

Cry me a river of heart ache.
I want to see your heart break
I want to know how much you can take.
Cry me a river of heart ache.

Current Mood:
peaceful poetic
Current Music:
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